C2IMPRESS Project mentioned in external platforms (Part-III)

27 June 2024 by
Surobi Protyoee

The C2IMPRESS Project has lately been mentioned on different external platforms, in collaboration with the project consortium partners.


Prof. Dr. Rui A. Pita Perdigão, Director-General, Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Science gave a keynote talk as an invited external expert to inspire the great young talents who were there to deliver their final performances at the Deloitte Climate Challenge final event held on May 22nd in Düsseldorf, Germany. 
The underlying work is co-authored with Dr. Julia Hall and acknowledges the C2IMPRESS Project.
The citation of the underlying work is, Perdigão, R.A.P.; Hall, J. (2024): Taking the Quantum Pulse to the Climate System: Seeing the Invisible, Predicting the Unpredictable.


A column by Prof. Dr. Rui A. Pita Perdigão, Director-General, Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Science titled “Science of Causality: From Circumstance to Evidence” was published in the SIC Notícias. In this Portuguese television network, he mentioned about the C2IMPRESS Project.

To know more about Prof. Dr. Rui A. Pita Perdigão and his contribution to the C2IMPRESS Project: https://youtu.be/QaQfs8_uCdg


Prof. Dr. Julie Dugdale from Université Grenoble Alpes participated as one of the keynote speakers at the ISCRAM 2024 held in Münster, Germany, from May 25th to 29th 2024. Her keynote speech was titled Beyond Rationality: Unveiling Human Behavior in Crisis Evacuations Through Agent-Based Simulation, reflecting on her research findings including the C2IMPRESS Project.


Prof. Dr. Julie Dugdale presented the C2IMPRESS Project and its results of the human behaviour survey, the HBM, and the agent-based simulator for the Egaleo case study at the Risk Institute Scientific Days held on May 16-17 at the Université Grenoble Alpes campus.

To know more about Prof. Dr. Julie Dugdale and her contribution to the C2IMPRESS Project: https://youtu.be/Vg9OfxVCr9I?feature=shared


Cenk Güreken (European Projects Team Lead) and Ayça Uysal Üner (European Projects Specialist) from SAMPAS Holding presented and mentioned the C2IMPRESS Project at the SAMPAŞ Holding Smart and Resilient Cities Summit:

To know more about SAMPAS Holdings and its contribution to the C2IMPRESS Project: https://youtu.be/zqrf99qa18o


The last webinar organised by the C2IMPRESS Project in May 2024 was mentioned in the latest issue of the MYRIAD-EU Newsletter in the section titled, ‘Driving Disaster Resilience’.

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