Learn from the past from historical events, both qualitative and quantitative accounts, to create a holistic picture of a customary multi-hazard risk management cycle.

Development of a novel integrated risk and resilience framework (comprising methods, tools, and guidelines) to empower public authorities and citizens to prepare themselves for future hazards.

Development of operational system dynamic models with higher spatiotemporal resolution from event scale to climatological scale to predict future extreme weather hazard occurrence and extent of exposure with reduced uncertainty.

Develop and implement a tailored co-design, co-creation framework based on novel Public-Private-Civic Partnership (PPCP) approaches.

Co-design of forecasting and early warning systems and apps as open innovations to collect, deliver & use novel big data for better monitoring, observation, visualisation and understanding of multi-hazard risks and related disasters.

Undertake polycentric risk governance mapping and analysis to evaluate drivers and barriers across sectors, prepare integrated Climate Change Adaptation and multi-hazard Disaster Management Framework (ICCA-MHDMF), associated policy action roadmap and validated policy recommendations.

Co-design multi-actor decision support platform and its microservices to provide accurate impact assessments, operation management, governance and policy-making support for better multi-hazard management, Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction and Response (D3R).

Simulation of the effect of people's attitude towards multi-hazard risk exposure and awareness scenarios using tailored Agent-Based Models (ABM).

Demonstrate all-domain, integrated and versatile solutions capable in a broad range of use-cases.

Aim for global outreach to minimise risks from multiple hazards, climate change impacts and maximise resilience.


ABM: Agent-Based Model

CEP: Citizen Engagement Platform

DMOP: Disaster Monitoring and Observation Portal

DSS: Decision Support System

ESDI: Earth System Dynamic Intelligence

IPAI: Information Physical Artificial Intelligence

EWS: Early Warning Systems

IMHRRF: Integrated Multi-Hazard Risk and Resilience Framework

MHRIN: Multi-Hazard Risk Intelligence Networks

SMA: Social Media Analytics

PPCP: Public-Private-Civic Partnership

Work Packages

Work Package 1

Understanding Multi-Hazard Risk, its Challenges and C2IMPRESS Project Specifications 

Work Package 2

System-of-Systems ESDI Platform and Holistic Multi-Hazard Risk Intelligence Network 

Work Package 3

Multi-Hazard Risk Management , Exposure and Resilience Framework 

Work Package 4

Platform for Decision Making for a Disaster Resilience Society 

Work Package 5

Social Inovation, Citizen Engagement and Interaction 

Work Package 6

Implementation and Validation at CSA 

Work Package 7

Polycentric Governance, Action Roadmap, Integrated framework, Evaluation and Policy Recommendations 

Work Package 8

Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation 

Work Package 9

Project Management and Coordination 

Work Package 10

Ethics Requirements 

Consortium Partners