PPCP Workshop held at the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey

5 October 2023 by

The Municipality of Ordu hosted the C2IMPRESS ‘PPCP-Living Laboratory’ Workshop on October 5, 2023. This is the first time the Municipality of Ordu (Turkey) is hosting this workshop under the banner of C2IMPRESS.

The Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Ordu welcomed the participants and commenced the event. Participants, wearing green/blue/red stickers based on the sector they were representing, introduced themselves to the forum. Representatives from more than 20 public, private, and civil society bodies came together under one roof and shared their thoughts. The first session ended with presentations on C2IMPRESS and the Public-Private-Civic-Partnership (PPCP) approach by the Ordu municipality representative.

The next session of the workshop fostered meaningful discussions on topics such as disaster mapping, disaster risk management (DRM) in the Municipality of Ordu, disaster ranking, types of impact, groups impacted, contribution and capacity of each participant organisation, etc.; followed by the next steps of the project. Representatives from the public, private, and civil organisations at the event participated in these sessions.

The Municipality of Ordu is one of the case study areas for the C2IMPRESS Project. The case study concentrates on potential flood disasters and related landslides in the central districts of Ordu province.

One of the sub-objectives of the C2IMPRESS project is to design a method that promotes the participation of public, private, and civil society stakeholders in the debate around resilience to natural disasters. This workshop is a part of the objective. The PPCP framework is developed by Artelia, one of the consortium members.

The EU-funded C2IMPRESS project increases public awareness on multi-hazard risks. It aims to move the discussion away from the traditional ‘hazard-centric’ approach to a novel ‘place and people ’-centred integrated multi-hazard risk and resilient assessment framework. The project develops several breakthrough innovations, such as a multi-hazard risk intelligence network platform supported by the robust Earth System Dynamic Intelligence and a suite of technologies to empower citizens and society with climate actions.

Collaboratively carried by sixteen partners from different backgrounds, the C2IMPRESS project aims at improving the understanding and awareness of natural disasters (mainly floods, heatwaves, forest fires, landslides, and earthquakes) and the multidimensional impacts they generate on a given territory.

This project has received funding from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) Research and Innovation Actions under grant agreement No 101074004

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